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parapetti niame

glass railing

Prapetto in cristallo realizzato in vetro extrachiaro temprato statificato 10+10 mm. Sistema di fissaggio puntuale in acciaio inox satinato....



Niamè - glass doors presents the new decorated mirrors with LED illumination. For more information contact us at

Shower box

Shower box

Shower box
Box doccia realizzato in vetro extrachiaro temprato 10 mm con sistema di scorrimento in acciaio inox satinato. Vetro trattato...


Laminated wood inside glasses

Niamè has modified the connection between wood and glass.
Generally, doors made of wood can have a glass window put inside the frame. Niamè modified the connection between...


Niamè realizes curved and laminated doors.

Niamè introduces in the market of glass doors an absolute innovation in the field: the curved doors made of...